• Origin: Idiri
  • Heritage: Otherworldly
  • Age: 37
  • Eye color: color-shifting
  • Hair color: rainbow-hued
  • Skin color: mottled and variegated
  • Size: 500in / 300lb


This is a monstrous creature, fantastic and formidable and frightening. Two heads turn on long snakelike necks that can twist in any directions, constantly shifting into the visages of different animals. Their body is long and sinuous, like that of a mythical dragon, and covered in patches of sharp-ridged scales between spans of shining colorful hair. Massive claws, like a lion's or a gryphon's, tip the ends of their four stocky feet. A powerful tail curves behind them, balanced and prehensile.

Public Background

Aleph is a shaman, described as a a wild and wise caretaker of people and spirits. Aleph's arm with a javelin was well-established as a teenager hunting wild goats amidst the low hills of the tropical highlands of Nok. They were recently employed at a local funeral home, and is very close with family that still live in Nok, particularly their aunt and sister.