• Origin: Kalentoi
  • Heritage: Elukoi
  • Age: 47
  • Eye color: ice blue
  • Hair color: jet black
  • Skin color: creamy
  • Size: 69in / 199lb


This gentleman is of fairly tall height, with a muscular frame. He has rough jet black hair, and creamy skin complements his narrow ice blue eyes. His square face boasts pox-scarred cheeks along with a rounded nose and stern mouth. He has rugged cheekbones and looks to be in his forties.

Public Background

Having sought his fortune as a sailor, Paldeo quickly worked his way up the ranks to first mate. With his natural charisma, he was a shoe-in for captaincy as soon as the old captain retired. Taking over 'the Greenest Dolphin', an elderly seagoing vessel, Captain Paldeo ferries merchant cargo to ports all around the Adelantean.