• Origin: Sirdabi
  • Heritage: Otherworldly
  • Age: 78
  • Eye color: bright black
  • Hair color: mottled brown and grey
  • Skin color: swirling misty
  • Size: 58in / 70lb


This is a most unusual sparrow. Though not a large creature, it is still bigger than any sparrow you have ever seen, bigger than any sparrow has the right to be. It is in fact more the size of an eagle, its streaky crown reaching the level of an average person's knee. That plumage is also very odd, for though its coloring is only a typical drab brown and grey, the delicately blurred pattern of barring and streaks seems to be perpetually in motion, shifting around like an uneasy mist. The bird's softly feathered head boasts a disturbingly sharp looking beak and equally sharp little bright black eyes that seem to peer into your soul, assessing the innermost nature of your being and whether you might have any nice seeds or mealworms on hand.