Zara Uhl'daja

  • Origin: Sirdabi
  • Heritage: Irzali
  • Age: 27
  • Eye color: charcoal grey
  • Hair color: raven
  • Skin color: honey-bronzed
  • Size: 67in / 130lb


This female appears to be of Irzali lineage and stands at average height, with lightly kohl-lined grey eyes. She has a curvaceous build, long wavy raven hair, and smooth bronze skin. Her small nose rests above full lips. She has pearly-white teeth and looks to be in her late twenties.

Public Background

Born to the affluent merchant family of Uhl'daja, deeply steeped in politics, Zara was always indulged but rarely doted upon. When she was 19, her mother was murdered by a house servant. Thereafter, Zara sought places and people of danger, rather than the simple risks of adolescence. She has a reputation for danger, herself.