Khalduno al-Hadhramo

  • Origin: Sirdabi
  • Heritage: Sirdabi and Amunati
  • Age: 43
  • Eye color: golden brown
  • Hair color: silver-touched
  • Skin color: darkly tanned
  • Size: 77in / 213lb


This male appears to be of Amunati lineage and stands at very tall height, with a full bushy beard. He has a lean build, wavy silver-touched black hair gathered in a topknot, and darkly tanned skin. His hawkish nose rests above a disdainful mouth. He has sharp cheekbones and looks to be in his forties.

Public Background

Khalduno is a first and foremost a seeker of knowledge. Khalduno was raised by a wealth family of politicians in Omrazir, and had political ambitions in his youth, but became involved in a conspiracy that saw him sentenced to a decade of exile. He spent his exile traveling the lands searching for lost texts and folk traditions, and while his curiosity knows no bounds he has a special interest in herbalism. While his exile is now over, he still avoids the city, having grown to prefer the open skies and solitude of nature to the bustle and noise of cities.