Ayaz Uzayli

  • Origin: Sirdabi
  • Heritage: Bissenke and Yehani
  • Age: 22
  • Eye color: shell pink
  • Hair color: mousy brown
  • Skin color: ruddy
  • Size: 64in / 112lb


Looking to be descended from Bissenke heritage, this male is of normal height, with a scrawny frame. He has coarse thick mousy brown hair, and ruddy skin complements his beady shell pink eyes. His hollow-cheeked visage boasts bushy eyebrows along with a slender nose and expressive mouth. He has a gold tooth and looks to be in his early twenties.

Public Background

Ayaz is a yehani bastard with shell pink eyes who claims to have a connection to the underworld. Many elder Bissenke remember his face from the time he used to work for Ndnamae.