Drugh Birra

  • Origin: Sirdabi
  • Heritage: Salawi
  • Age: 68
  • Eye color: grey-green
  • Hair color: dark-brown-streaked grey
  • Skin color: ashy black
  • Size: 70in / 98lb


This rickety old man has a bushy salt-and-pepper beard that projects from his face roughly a handspan long. His hair still contains traces of dark seal-brown, but has mostly turned grey, with several wiry white hairs that twirl out in curly disarray. He has striking grey-green eyes in a gaunt, wrinkled face, and his body borders on frail but contains a definite spryness in its lanky yet elderly fortitude. A large hooked nose and prominent cheekbones stand out above his beard, and his hands are short-nailed and agile, seeming to be without a trace of arthritis.

Public Background

The public story goes that Mustabarak (most know his real name is Drugh, but he goes by Mustabarak) was one of the abandoned street children of Omrazir, though he appears to be originally Salawi, judging by his accent and appearance. He roamed the streets like any other orphan until he discovered his calling -- a spiritual talent that gave him the ability to break curses, exorcise demons, and foretell tragedy or blessing in a person's future! Some call him a trickster, but many consider him to be a legitimate practitioner of sacred arts, and refer to a piece of hearsay so old that it is often unrecognizable in the telling -- once, Mustabarak the Wise saved a poor orphan child from a demon! They saw it themselves, dispersing from the urchin's body like a cloud of darkness! Or, at least their great-aunt saw it, and that's what she said, and she's very reputable, you know.