Zahra al-Dhahab

  • Origin: Sirdabi
  • Heritage: Amunati
  • Age: 22
  • Eye color: aurelian
  • Hair color: sable
  • Skin color: burnished bronze
  • Size: 73in / 150lb


A pantherine sort of allure defines this young woman - from the glossy sheen of her sable locks to the lean lines of her tall, willowy form, to the angular jut of her features. Cresting over six feet and lacking an abundance of curves, still there is something decidedly feminine about the soft set of her mouth and the delicate arch of her eyebrows; but her lips are all that are outwardly soft about her appearance. All else is sharp and sleek, such no doubt further lending to the illusion of feline grace. Smooth skin of burnished bronze gleams with health and a general lack of imperfections while her long, slender fingers seem devoid of calluses as well. But her most defining feature would no doubt be her eyes, of course - a rich aurelian in hue, they burn like molten gold in the right sort of light, smoldering and piercing in equal measure.