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A Call for an apprentice

posted by Fadila

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A Call for an apprentice 1 of 1
April 16, 2024, 3:57 p.m.

A stroll through the market. A chat with the milk maid as she picks through ingredients for her latest feast. A discussion with a forager. Thoughts tumble through her head as she goes to the kitchen. Her shift over yet she is tied to the kitchen as she makes a new batch of Sambusak. Her head fills with thoughts. "I need an apprentice." she thinks, then pulling out a sheet of paper she writes down several names of young girls from the journey. Writing the names of those who survived the landing a name comes to her.

"Rahima!" She says aloud. Copper eyed, a thin scrap of a girl, Salwai bred like herself, though her story more tragic than her own. She thinks of the girl's story. The girl worked in the cargo area of the ship. She remembers a night where she brought tea to some of the crew. Over fresh bread and mint tea to quell sea sickness she'd met this girl Rahima.

Walking now, the food in the kitchens cooled and stored in her basket she enters the sailor's hostel. Rounds of cinnamon tea and fresh Sambusak, baked bread, and slices of cake bring cheer to the crew mates who've landed there.

Searching she finds the girl, little more than fourteen or fifteen, first journey to earn coin. Passing a few more coins to the girl for her comforts she asks how the girl has been.

It doesn't take long before the girl relents. Telling of her fever and her recovery, and the losss of a friend on ship. A gentle hand on a shoulder, a gentle stroaking of the girl's back, an understanding tone and the girl sighs with some relief. Grief still haunts her eyes, but the cook has calmed her somewhat.

"What am I going to do?" the girl asks between gulps of warming tea and food eagerly pressed upon her by the cook, "I'm so far from home." "I have not many friends." "And no coin to go back even if, if we could." Listening the cook nods.

"I might be able to help you." Says the cook softly, "I am hoping to get a business started." "I make perfumes, and hope to get started." "For even if we need to leave here, I'd have enough wealth to get us both back home." There's excitement from the girl at this but the cook speaks, "I still have much to do." "I need permission and goods, and some table or stall." "But if and when these happen would you like to work with me?" "You can man the shop when I am not there." "For I intend to keep working."

"You have a job?" Asks the girl, "Yes I have a job." Says the cook, "I work at the inn, up a bit on the Main Street." "That's how I've been able to give you coin for your food."

the girl nods. She seems to think for a long moment. "If you can get it started." She says hesitantly, "I'd like more coin." The cook nods and sits with the girl for a while. "Thank you Rahima." She finally says softly. "It is early days yet." "But if things fall into my lap youn can come help me." "You'll get free food every day of course, you won't have to buy any, and you can save up some coins as well."

Looking eager and more excited Rahima jumps up, "when can we get started?" Laughing the cook pushes her back into her seat. "Get stronger." "Eat plenty." "Sleep a great deal." "But as soon as I am ready I'll fetch you from here and you can work." Standing amidst more chomping of food from the baskets she's brought and more cups of tea being poured around the cook nods to the girl. "Be patient." She chides. She waves to the girl and steps out of the hostel.

Leaning against a wall her face fallss and a few tears fall from her eyes. She thinks of all the loss and suffering that has happened around her. For a long moment she's consumed by wishing she could help everyone. Sense takes over and wearily she plods back to the inn to sleep.

April 16, 2024, 3:57 p.m.