Help Topic: Cutscenes

Category: Roleplay -- Help File

A cutscene is an asynchronous, play-by-post roleplay solution for when players don't have the schedule or playtime to roleplay as they'd wish. It can be used for events that have happened anytime or anywhere, and it can be marked either public or private.

Cutscenes can be used on the website. You cannot use the combat system or any other mechanics inside of cutscenes; the only thing you can do is roll dice. For this reason, it's best to use cutscenes for low-stakes character-development sort of scenes, when you are unable to log in.

At this time, cutscenes do not play into the rumor or journey system, and have no limitations. It's up to you to engage with the system in good faith.

Cutscenes provide xp rewards. They will auto-end after nobody has posted in them for a week, but if they terminate this way there will be no xp reward. You can opt to end the cutscene when finished roleplaying and it will reward everyone according to how many total posts the cutscene contained. The cutscene starter will get extra experience.

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