Help Topic: Navigating

Category: A Beginner's Guide

For those new to MUDs, navigation in the game may not come easily. For others, a refresher or short explanation of how movement works in this particular game may be useful.

In order to move your character around in the world, you can input directional commands such as 'NORTH' (n), 'EAST' (e), 'SOUTHWEST' (sw), and so on. When you LOOK, the room description will show you what cardinal direction exits are available.

There are also other sorts of exits that might be shown when you LOOK. These include buildings, vehicles, or just special directions that aren't cardinal directions, such as 'through a winding alleyway'. In this case, you may use the commands 'GO' or 'ENTER'. These commands can help with navigation into special exits.

Further, there are different sorts of movements. When you simply input directional commands, you will default to walking (or running, if you are moving very quickly). However, you can also use flavor movements such as STROLL or LIMP. Some exits may require you to SWIM or CLIMB in order to traverse those ways. If you are hiding, you may attempt to SNEAK in a direction.

Lastly, you have a travel string that you can set as a relatively static line that appears after your movement message. HELP TRAVEL will explain how that works. A less static traveling line can be appending in parenthesis after your movement command, which will be one-time shown phrase on your movement message.

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