Help Topic: Progression

Category: A Beginner's Guide

Unlike many MUDs, Song of Avaria has no levels or classes that dictate what skills you may learn. Progression is about your character living their life and advancing in whatever realistic ways they wish.

You can grow in a career and establish a mercantile empire, learn skills and become an expert, found organizations, participate in politics, earn fame for various exploits, be a great explorer, or have a family.

Whatever your goals, there are a few reasonable ways to start: lodgings in which to stay safely and store your things, a job to earn coins, and a local bank account to which your earnings will be deposited and from which your rent will be paid.

These things are easy to have, and as you explore the location in which you find yourself, you will no doubt see many workplaces and job listings. Pick one that suits your abilities or one that suits abilities you'd like to gain, and you will find many opportunities to progress from there. A job connects you to co-workers, training, and interaction.

While the goal is to provide a realistic framework for an economy and related stories, you never have to actually indulge in the tedium of "working" if you don't want to. It is assumed that you are doing the job "off-screen".

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