Help Topic: Tells

Category: Roleplay

A tell is a sign that you are not being entirely truthful about your state. Perhaps you are acting like nothing is wrong when you're actually upset, trying to bluff when playing cards, acting like you're brave when you're afraid, faking concern when you really don't care, pretending to be like sincere when you're not, depicting a character in a drama while you're secretly amused at a dark joke, and so on.

For these situations, you can write out your tells in two different ways: tags in a regular emote, or with a 'tellmote'. These depictions of tells work by secretly rolling your composure stat and dissembling skill against the acuity and emotional observation skills of those observing you. If someone notices your tell, they will see it, and otherwise they won't.


>tellmote emote fiddles with a lock of hair while watching ~aleph.

> murmur (with a <tell>smirk of a </tell>smile<tell>, and a hint of scorn in his voice</tell>) I love you though.

> emote nods thoughtfully. "I'll be happy to accompany your excursion," she says bravely.<tell> Fear glitters in her eyes.</tell>

Note: If someone is WATCHing someone else, they have a better chance of noticing tells.

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