Help Topic: Accept

Category: Items -- This command takes balance and consciousness, and may have other physical in-character requirements.

[works with parenthesis]

When someone tries to give or toss something to you, or pay you, or offer
you first aid treatment, you have the option to accept or decline.

If you don't accept or decline within 30-60 seconds, a default outcome will
occur (most usually this means the offer will be revoked).

Usage: accept, refuse, catch, decline, ignore

You can use parenthesis with this command, but in some situations (such as
consent socials) where you do not actually emote acceptance or refusal,
the parenthesis will not show.

Also, in some cases where there is actually a contested dice roll (such as
resisting a take), remember that your attempt to refuse an outcome may not
work out.

accept (with a polite nod of thanks)
refuse (with an angry grunt)

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