Help Topic: Accuse

Category: Communication

In most civilized areas, there is some sort of policing authority
such as a constable's office or regular guard patrols.

If a guard sees a crime committed, they will intervene. Be careful
not to commit crimes or you may end up on the wrong side of the law.

You can always shout for help, and guards will come if they are
within hearing distance. It helps to have a good voice for your
calls to project further, or if you are close to a patrol route
or a stationed guard. (Read 'help shouts' for more information.)

Having the keyword 'help' or 'guards' in your shout will alert
guards to rush your way.

Once guards arrive, you can accuse someone of a crime. False
accusation is also a crime, so be careful with this. You can
accuse someone of murder, theft, bedlam, assault, or lockpicking.

accuse <person> of < crime >

If guards are not present when you accuse someone of a crime,
the person you're accusing will only be under suspicion.

A magnetism roll will determine whether the guards will
register their suspicion of the individual or not.

Note: guards typically do not like being made to handle
accusations, and accusations also come with a punishing
roundtime as you are expected to be presenting your whole

It is possible to accuse someone who is not present.

You can call for guards in some other ways, such as using
the commands: CALL FOR HELP or CFH or GUARDS.

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