Help Topic: Assemble

Category: Actions

Shop stalls, tents, pavilions, and other sorts of portable shelters tend to
potentially be somewhat heavy, but certainly capable of being packed up and
moved around.

assemble <shelter>
dismantle <shelter>

Possible aliases are set up, pitch, take down, pack up, make, break,
unroll, and roll.

Notes: you do not need to remove things from your shelter before you pack
it up, but those things will not be able to be accessed until the shelter is
set up again, so it's not recommended to leave things inside unless they
are part of the shelter furnishings. Also, they will potentially increase
the weight of the shelter. While you can certainly have a couch moved into
your pavilion, you can't pack up that couch and carry it about with the
same ease as you could the pavilion. Good candidates for tent furnishings
are things like bedrolls, blankets, bags of camping tools, and so on.

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