Help Topic: Bank

Category: Actions

Banks in Avaria can be found in all major towns or cities. You can easily set up an
account by visiting a local bank. You will need a bank account in order to pay rent
or receive payment from most jobs, though it is possible you can find lodging or
work in unconventional ways.

Once you have a bank account, you can withdraw or deposit money, which can be a means
to exchange currencies should you desire. It can be useful to store your coins in a bank
rather than risk the loss of them. It's not wise to carry around a great deal of money
in the seedier parts of the world!

And whether or not you have your money on your person, you can always sign bank notes
for people in order to pay for expensive items. Banknotes themselves cost a small amount
from your account.

banknote request
banknote write <amount in coppers>
banknote deposit
withdraw <amount>
deposit <amount>

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