Help Topic: Buy

Category: Items

To buy things from a menu or a shop, you can use the buy command. You will need to look
at display cases and menus in order to see what wares are available.

look <display case>
buy <item>
restock <display case>

In order to see how much an item costs, you can appraise it. A location with items to buy
will let you appraise any object that is for sale there.

If you don't particularly like the selection, you can use the restock command so the
shopkeep will re-arrange the wares on display.

When making the purchase, you should have the coin in your coinpouch.

You can also check 'list' and 'wares' to see everything available at a location.

If you are the owner of a shop, you can use the 'unstock' and 'restock' commands.


unstock <item> from < storage / display case>
stock <item> in < storage / display case>

To buy a custom design from a tailor shop, try HELP CUSTOMIZE.

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