Help Topic: Charge

Category: Combat -- This command takes balance and consciousness, and may have other physical in-character requirements.

[works with parenthesis]

Normally, you can't move around in a fight. You will need to flee before you can
get away from a battle.

There are, however, certain types of movement that are appropriate for the throes
of combat. A tactical retreat is not the same as fleeing, so you can retreat to
make distance between yourself and an opponent. You can charge to close that
distance. And you can maneuver around a skirmish, as well -- staying on the outskirts
until you've maneuvered how you wish.

In order to move during a battle, you will need to take note of your position in
the room. The first thing to do is to actually be at the exit you're planning
to take. Remember that spatial relationships are tactically relevant.

charge <direction>
retreat <direction>
maneuver <direction>

Recommendations: Flee, Fight, Movement, Exits

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