Help Topic: Combat

Category: Combat -- You must be alive to use this command.

There are many elements that govern the outcome of a fight, and while they depend on
your skills and strengths, they also depend on your choices.

Check 'combat' or 'health' to see your status, or 'stance' to change your stance.

combat | health
stance < pacifist | defensive | balanced | aggressive | frantic | stoic >
tendency < fight | flight | freeze | measured >

Your tendency will determine what moves you automatically do, if you don't choose
yourself. Measured will not automatically do any moves, and it will all be your
own choice. Your stance will grant you certain advantages and disadvantages to
your offensive and defensive rolls.

You can enter 'continue' while in the middle of a fight to signal that you
have finished using a writing break. You can enter 'wait' to signal that you
need more time. You may use 'wait' once, and it will extend the time by one
minute, but you can always continue once you're ready.

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