Help Topic: Command

Category: Actions

If you have an animal with loyalty to you, or an NPC servant you have retained, or
are a member of an organization with enough rank to have the privilege to command
organization NPCs such as guards, you can use the 'command' command to give those
NPCs orders.

You cannot command anyone to emote or say anything, and any parenthesis will be
stripped from the command. If you want a list of things you can command, check
command list.

command list
command <npc> to <command string>

If you want to command all present NPCs over which you have authority to act,
use 'all'. You may also append emotes to your commands, which will cause the
default text to be overridden by your written emote. Writing an emote will
half the balance time that it takes to issue the command, so it is recommended.

> command all to aim monster emote levels an arm towards the monster to
the north and screams to the archers, "AIIIIM --"
> command all to shoot monster emote lifts her arm to make a fist, ending
her previous command with the sharp bark of, "FIRE!"

Note: If you try to command someone specifically without the requisite authority,
they will probably lose affection for you, unless they enjoy disrespect.

For roleplaying commands such as say or emote, you will have to have ownership
over the NPC, and it will not be IC that you have issued a command. You can't
make animals talk, but otherwise you can use the command verb to OOCly have
retainers or pets emote.

Note: If you have particular permission to do so, you can also OOCly "oversee"
an entity in order to see what it sees and execute commands through it.
See HELP OVERSEE for more information.

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