Help Topic: Commands

Category: Gameplay

Commands are small strings of text that you send to the game in
order to either make your character execute mechanical actions or
do things in the game (like quit, or configure settings) for your
own out-of-character benefit.

When you send a command, it will take about a half-second to do.
If you stack commands by sending many commands within a half-second,
they will keep being executed every half-second unless you enter

Use the command 'commands' to see what commands you can do.


Basic commands that are good to learn first are:

EMOTE : use to write story to playmates
SAY : use to make your character talk
MURMUR : use to make your character talk quieter
WHISPER : use to whisper to someone specific!
GET : pick up something on the ground
GIVE : give your object to a friend
DROP : drop your object back to the ground
SIT : take a seat, on the ground or elsewhere
STAND : stand up from your seat
LOOK : look around yourself or at others
ABILITIES : check what abilities you can do
CRAFT : check what things you can make
COMBAT : check your combat status
HELP : read help files
QUIT : quit the game

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