Help Topic: Configure

Category: Gameplay

Important Note: You can turn the screenreader off and on with the
SCREENREADER command as well as through these configurations.

You can configure various display settings with the configure command.

Correct usage: configure <toggle> = <option>

Some setting toggles include:
peoplecolor, speechcolor, vnpccolor, mentalcolor, weathercolor,
exitcolor, thingcolor, tellcolor, and prompt

You can set color toggles via the options shown when you check COLORS.

Example: config peoplecolor = bright green
(This will make other player characters appear in green.)

The prompt can be configured in a variety of ways. There are two
types of prompts you have -- a combat and noncombat prompt. The default
setting is that during combat, the combat prompt will turn on and
give you more extra information about your state.

You can configure what prompts show when...

config prompt = < combat | always | never >

The "combat" setting means that the input prompt will show usually
and the detailed prompt will show during combat. "Never" means that
the detailed prompt will never show up, and the only thing you'll
see is the input prompt. "Always" means the prompt will always be
fully detailed.

And you can configure the appearance of both prompts. Read help
prompt for more information on that.

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