Help Topic: Consume

Category: Items

The consumption of food in Avaria can assuage hunger and grant a variety of helpful
or unhelpful effects. Eating or drinking anything will also let you be full, which
will help slightly in terms of regenerating from fatigue.

You can just eat or drink, or you can nibble, bite, sip, gobble, gulp, quaff, wolf,
scarf, chug, and so on.

eat <object in hand>
drink <object in hand>
smoke <object in hand>

You can add parenthesis to your command to describe things a bit more, as well.

>> gobble cake (casting a greedy and possessive glance around)

Aleph gobbles a piece of chocolate cake, casting a greedy and possessive glance

Note: You do not really need to eat or drink 'on screen' in order to prevent
yourself from starving to death, barring situations that drain your nourishment. If
you have a lifestyle habit of eating and drinking, that's enough. Check HELP HABITS
(or LIFESTYLE) for more information.

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