Help Topic: Contact

Category: Roleplay

If you are attempting to touch someone in an emote, you can
use 'contact' to do so. This will move you to their vicinity
and make sure you are in immediate range of them (and they
are in immediate range of you).

Use this responsibly and remember not to powergame. Emote
an attempt to do something, rather than the completed motion,
if you are not certain that the other PC will consent.

contact/touch <person> emote <your emote here>

contact aleph emote approaches to try to rub a speck of
soot from one of ~aleph's foreheads

This will put the actor in immediate range of Aleph, who can
emote either a rebuttal or acceptance. It is basically a smooth
way of ensuring that people are in the right vicinity without
interrupting roleplay too much.

If you are relatively confident that the other PC will allow
the touch, feel free to emote the completed motion, and if they
decide not to allow the touch, they can simply emote that.

Donna approaches and rubs a speck of soot from one of
Aleph's foreheads.
"What!" blurts Aleph, jumping away before Donna has the
chance. "No, that's my speck of soot!"

This is fine. If you have any idea that it might be rebuffed,
however, please only emote the attempt.

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