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Cooking is the skill that allows you to craft edibles or drinkable items.

To cook at all, you must first have the cooking ability, which is learned
at the first level of the cooking skill. To cook a specific dish, you
must know the recipe for making that dish. Custom recipes can also
be made and submitted for approval, and then you will know that recipe
too. Recipes can be taught to others, but when you first learn the
cooking skill, you will have a set of recipes relevant either to your
teacher or origin.

Custom recipes are for particularly unique dishes that you cannot easily
make with the potential combinations in the adaptable set of basic cooking
recipes. They will always use the same materials, so you may be very
specific when describing them.

recipe view <recipe>
recipe <new | submit>
recipe <defined recipe value> as <string>

You want to make a cake. You have some acorn flour in your inventory,
and a honey glaze sauce.

> recipe new
(This starts a new recipe design for you. It is not submitted until
you submit it, and if you make another new one without submitting,
this one will be overriden.)
> recipe name as acorn honey cake
This describes what the name of the eventual cooking recipe will
be, so you can refer to it while cooking. If your name is identical
to another name, numbers will be added on the end of it to keep
it unique.
> recipe base as cake
(This sets the base recipe for you. It determines mainly what methods
must be used to make the dish, whether it will require a receptacle
or not, how fast it will rot, and what tools you will need.)
> recipe ingredient as sauce, flour
(When selecting ingredients, use a comma to separate them. You should
have these ingredients present in your inventory.)
> recipe sdesc a honey-glazed acorn flour cake
(This sets the short description of the item.)
> recipe freshdesc as This ground acorn cake is moist with honey glaze.
(This sets the long description of the item for when it is fresh. Note
that for dishes that must be in containers this should be a short phrase
like 'fresh milk' while uncontained dishes like a skewer of kebab should
be a whole long description.)
> recipe rottendesc as This honey-streaked acorn cake is stale and hard.
(This sets the long description of the item for when it is rotten. The
same distinction between contained and uncontained dishes that applies to
the freshdesc applies here also.)
> recipe taste as Honey melts in your mouth./The acorn flour is gritty.
(This puts in taste messages. You can add as many different taste
messages as you like, just separate them with slashes.)
> recipe rotten taste as It tastes stale and old.
(This puts in the rotten taste message. Just enter one.)
> recipe scent as wildly-sweet honey cake
(This is what it will smell like when fresh.)
> recipe rotten scent as stale old honey cake
(This is what it will smell like when rotten.)
> recipe special scent as The scent of honey drifts up past the wild
oaken musk of acorn flour.
(This can set a special scent message. It is optional though.)
> recipe submit
(This submits the recipe for approval.)

Now you wait for the recipe to be approved, and then you can use
it, and even teach it to others.

To use a recipe that you already know, simply have all the required
materials and tools, and then you can cook it.

cook <recipe>

The durability and value of the recipes you craft, plus the chance that you
completely ruin the ingredients, is based on your skill in cooking and finesse

At the upper levels of the cooking skill, you can learn how to season
dishes. You need some kind of seasoning to season an existing dish. This can
add extra tastes and potential effects to a dish.

season <dish> with <seasoning>

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