Help Topic: Courier

Category: Communication

There are courier outposts scattered throughout the land that you can use to send
messages to others.

You can send notes, verbally-relayed messages, or parcels up to whatever size the
courier is able to carry.

If someone is sufficiently far away, such as on another continent or a far away city,
or occupied with business that brings them out of the public eye, or perhaps even
just asleep, a courier may not be able to find them -- and so will return your
parcel, or return to tell you that they are unable to convey your verbal
message. It's possible that others in the room will overhear verbal messages.

If then a courier cannot find you, they will go to the local post office to have your
object mailed. Mail is another way that messages can be sent, and mail can go over
long distances if necessary.

Simple usage (at a courier outpost):
hire courier

If you are at a courier outpost, you can simply HIRE COURIER in order to follow
a simply menu-oriented process to send a message. Otherwise you can use the following
commands directly.

Usage (at a courier outpost):
courier deliver <object> to <target>
courier say <words> to <target> from <name you want to use>
courier confirm

Usage (at a post office):
mail <object> to <target>
mail confirm

Important Note:
All forms of communication, other than those marked specifically OOC, are IC and
should be used accordingly.

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