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Category: Crafts -- This command cannot be used in combat.

Crafting allows you to design and make items out of resources.

Crafting skills often follow a pattern where you will have a skill to gather
raw resources, a skill to refine those resources, and then a skill that will
allow you to make things out of the refined components.

For example, the craft of making garments includes elements of foraging and
animal husbandry for the gathering of cotton, wool, or other materials. Then
a crafter would use the skill of weaving to turn these raw materials into
various types of fabrics, while also using dyes that might have been made
with alchemy or herbalism. Finally, tailoring is the skill that grants use of
the 'sew' ability to produce functional fabric garments.

There are basic designs, and there are designs native to an origin or heritage
that a character might start out with. Beyond that are custom designs that
characters may teach to each other if they wish. Crafting abilities typically
are separated by design types: recipes, patterns, blueprints, instructions,
schematics, dies, fabrications, and the like.

You can use commands including those design types to view the designs that you
know, to set up and submit custom designs, and to assemble objects based on
designs. Many crafts also have a method of embellishing said objects, such as
seasoning for cooking or embroidery for sewing, or additional abilities that
will help to procure items for crafting, such as refining for smithing or
tanning for leathercrafting.

For example, in order to see your carpentry designs, you can check the command
'instructions', and use 'instruction view' to see a specific one, and in order
to submit a custom carpentry design, you could use 'instruction <your options>'.
And then to make an object based on carpentry instructions, you could use
'carve <instruction>'.

However, you can also use a more generic set of commands that work easily for
all crafts and is easy to remember.

Usage: (substitute the name of a skill for <skill>, such as smithing or cooking)
<skill> designs
<skill> design view <name>
<skill> design <customization options>
craft <item>

While basic designs are not gated by further skill progression, it is
recommended to find other crafters who will teach in-character the ins-and-outs
of the trade, while also passing along more less-basic crafting designs, and
perhaps even sharing some of their custom designs.

To share a custom design, you can use the 'crafting teach' command, or if you
want to specify a certain skill, '<skill> teach'.

crafting teach <design name> to <person>
<skill name> teach <design name> to <person>

To see all your known crafting designs for every skill, check 'crafting'.

You can check 'craft possibilities <item>' to see all the crafting designs that
you know how to make with that item. Note: this will not include abilities, so
there may very well be a use for said item beyond crafting designs.

craft possibilities <item>

In order to submit custom designs for certain crafts, you can use the commands:

<craft skill name> design new
<craft skill name> <attribute> as <new value>
<craft skill name> design submit

For example:

cooking design new
cooking design base as stew
cooking design name as creamy turmeric chicken
cooking design ingredient as yogurt, chicken, turmeric, butter, salt
cooking design taste as The creamy chicken is delicious./Turmeric gives the chicken an earthen flavor.
~et cetera...
cooking design submit

See also: abilities

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