Help Topic: Crime

Category: Skills

There is a lot of potential for criminal enterprise in Avaria, and much of it is
governed through the shady arts skill.

To know how to execute some shady arts, one does not necessarily need to be a
criminal. Even an "upstanding citizen" may decide they have need of, for example,
a poisoned arrow...

But as most of these abilities can be rather tricksome and dangerous, they are
elements of the game that will need to be found out in-character. If you have
a character who should know these things and you don't, as a player, then please
ask a member of staff to send you a primer, either in your character generation
comment or via request.

Further, some criminal behavior may require an investment of Presence points
into your character to learn. This is because we don't want potentially grief-
inducing abilities to be executed in a slapdash, hack-and-slash manner.

Playing an antagonist character, whether an outward criminal or not, requires
some player responsibility and the understanding that the focus of our game is

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