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Category: Items

In clothing stores, there will sometimes be the option to order a specific design,
made of a specific cloth with a specific style. If a store has that option, they
will have a book of designs present in the front room of the shop.

You can look at the book of designs in order to see what materials, patterns,
styles, accents, and other possibilities can be ordered at the particular shop.

Then, you can start the ordering process by using the order design command, and
continue refining your design by specifying material, accents, and so on. The
command 'customize' is interchangeable with 'order design'.

customize <clothing type>
customize material <material>
customize style <style>
customize color <dye color>
customize accent <accent type> <accent>

customize sirwaal
customize material barracan
customize color burnt-orange
customize style rugged
customize accent trim fray-edged
customize accent fastening rawhide ties
customize accent sew-style gathered neatly
customize complete

With this example, you'd get a sirwaal made from barracan in a rugged style,
with a fray-edged hem, gathered neatly at the waist with rawhide ties. It'd
be dyed burnt-orange.

If you're curious about a certain material found in the book of designs, you
can touch the swatch to get an idea of what it's like.

touch swatch <material>

touch swatch barracan

Some materials may have a variety of similar but differently-written
sensations and appearances, so keep an eye on your planned finished product
by checking 'order design' with no arguments.

customize / order design

Styles and accents are according to cost range and are the same possibilities
wherever one might be shopping. Check 'design styles' or 'design accents' to
see a list of what you can select.

When you're finished, you can complete your design, provided you have the
coin. The shop will mail it to you when they're finished making it.

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