Help Topic: Death

Category: Death

When conflict or environmental effects lead to death in Avaria, you will have a choice
of whether you cling to life or embrace death. If you cling to life, you will simply not
die, unless inescapable death occurs in very rare cases that require administration

Essentially, you don't have to really worry about ending your story without a satisfying

Further, once your character embraces death, you can still play out time as a ghost or
in the land of the dead. You'll have to move on to pass to the land of the dead, but
once there, you will regain corporeality.

move on

'Die' to embrace death, and 'cling' to cling to life. 'Move on' to go to the Land of the

As of alpha phase, it costs 1 unspent account Presence point to cling to life. It is not
required to have this point already; your account Presence will just go into the negative.

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