Help Topic: Diagnose

Category: Observation -- This command cannot be used in combat.

Normally, when you look at someone, you will see a short description of any
visible wounds they have. And when you check your own status in a fight with
the combat command, you will see a list of short descriptions of your own

Outside of combat, you may wish to have more information than that. You can
simply use diagnose on its own to see your own situation, or you can diagnose
someone else. The information you see will be dependent on your skill in
first aid.

If you want to see information about a specific body part, you can use the
syntax to specify that body part.

diagnose carpenter
diagnose carpenter's right arm
diagnose self's right arm

If you're diagnosing yourself, there will be no message to the room, but
if you're diagnosing someone else they will see that you glance over them.

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