Help Topic: Distance

Category: Combat

Space between characters is an important concept in Avaria because many outcomes
hinge on how close or far you are from another character or a situation that is

In many cases, you will want to create some distance from another character.

Perhaps it's something as benign as that you've just whispered something in
someone's ear, and now you want to back off instead of hovering creepily over

It could also be that you've wielded your bow, but they're rushing you with a
greatsword and you need to leap back to make your shot, or they're tackling
you and you want to escape!

Maybe they're trying to romantically swoop you off your feet but you're not
accustomed to people in your personal space and you have to quickly create
distance! 'It's not you, it's me!'

Whatever your situation, you can use this command:

distance <character>

Used without an argument, 'distance' will try to distance anyone near you.

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