Help Topic: Disturb

Category: Combat

Do you want to splash someone from a fountain?

Kick sand at someone on the beach?

Snap a branch at them in the forest?

You can do all those things in Avaria!

Inside of combat, this will cost you combat roundtime, and a successful
attempt will rob your opponent of poise and roundtime both, depending on
how harmful the disturbance is. Outside of combat, it will cause some
impact (dampening someone if you splash them, for instance) but not take
roundtime or mechanically cause a fight.

kick sand at <person>
throw sand at <person>
kick snow at <person>
snap branch at <person>
splash <water|water source> at <person>

If you try to do any of these things without a target, that will work as
a simple social emote.

Example: kick sand, kick snow, snap branch, splash/splash water

You can also attempt to DISTURB someone, by making a disturbing motion
and sound. You can try to intimidate or distract. These will use different
stats and skills.

disturb <person>
intimidate <person>
distract <person>

You can add custom emotes onto the end of any of these moves, by
appending 'emote' and then your emote, or use parenthesis to spice
up the messaging with a personal touch.

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