Help Topic: Drop

Category: Items

If holding, wielding, or carrying an object -- one might want to
free up their hands at some point. That's where the put command comes
into play. Simple putting the object away will displace it back to
a container upon your person.

place <object> on <room object>
put <object> in <container>
put away <object>
put down <object>

You can also:
give <item> to <person>
toss <item> to <person>
drop <item>
spit out <item>
place <item> at <place>
toss <item> on <table>

Most of these require proximity to the person you're giving an object
to or putting an object on. Toss, however, does not require close

And so on. When putting down someone you're carrying, you can be more
specific about how you're putting them down by specifying the verb as
either drop, lay, seat, or toss.

>> seat <person> on bench
>> lay <person> on bar
>> drop <person> in fountain
>> toss <person> on couch

After the command, you can put a clause in parenthesis if you'd like to
append it to the system emote.

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