Help Topic: Emote

Category: Roleplay

You can emote an action, allowing dynamic replacement of
text in the emote.

>>emote <text>
(either automatically starts with your name,
or it has $me somewhere in it)
>>emit <text>
(does not need to have $me in it at all)

>>emote $me looks around.
>>emote Nodding to $aleph, $me points at
$its multiple heads. "Cool heads," says $me.
>>emit Wind blows around.

In order to address others in emotes you can use these pronoun
markers to translate to the accurate word for each gender.

$his, $hers, $its, $their => "your"
$him, $he, $her, $she, $it, $they, $them => "you"
$herss, $hiss, $theirs, $itss => "yours"

Right now you can only target one person of each gender per

To color people's names and speech in emotes that you see,
refer to toggles.

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