Help Topic: Errands

Category: Gameplay

Whether or not you have a dedicated job, you can accept to do errands for people
around most areas. In order to see what errands you're doing, you can simply check
'errands'. If someone offers you the chance to do an errand, you can refuse or
accept. Some errands involve rewards, but not all.


Note: if you have an item that is part of an errand and you do not complete the
errand, a VNPC (virtual non player character) at some point will retrieve the
item from you. This will show up in your plot notes. If you are planning to hold
onto a specific item for the sake of a story, you will have to put it in a locked
container. This signifies you are planning to keep it no matter what a VNPC may
request. Such a choice may become a part of consequential story, and if the item
is important enough, the local guards will likely be alerted by the item's owner.

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