Help Topic: Exits

Category: Navigation -- This command takes balance and consciousness, and may have other physical in-character requirements.

[works with parenthesis]

You can move easily in cardinal directions by inputting the name of
that direction or its shorthand: n, w, s, e, ne, se, sw, nw - or north,
west, south, east, northeast, southeast, southwest, northwest. Up, down,
in, and out are also considered cardinal directions here.

For any other special exit, you will need to 'go' in that direction, or
'enter' it.

You can append parenthesis after your command in order to add extra
emotes to the messaging of your movement.

e (with a snooty glance back)
go alleyway
enter building

Note: Some directions will require climbing or swimming. Read HELP MOVEMENT
for more information.

Second Note: During combat, you will need to retreat, maneuver, or charge in
order to attempt going through exits.

Recommendations: Movement, Charge, Go

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