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Experience is how you can increase your character's skills.

A character gains experience primarily through developing their personal story, and interaction with others. You can read about the story system to learn more, but here is a quick explanation.

You can set up story arcs for your character's hopes and dreams, or their fears, or regarding events that have occurred.

For every new day that you enter the game, a log starts. These logs are kept automatically for your character, and while very old ones might be purged by the system, you can preserve and title logs of your choosing to add to recorded story arcs.

When you meet another person in the story, you can start a relationship with them. This relationship will no doubt start first as an acquaintance, and then graduate to a friend or an enemy or a rival or a romantic interest or an ally or all sorts of possibilities! Every time the relationship develops, you can record another impression of it, and also add impressions to story arcs.

You can write small plot summaries to add to your story arcs along with references to dreams or visions or new abilities that your character has gained.

Every time you update a relationship or submit a development to a story arc, you will automatically gain experience. Since everything is recorded, don't add frivolous developments such as 'Aleph breathed today' just to gain experience. An admin might look over your entries from time to time, in order to spontaneously add things (such as a vision or a dream) to your story, and if many frivolous entries are found, your gained experience on that character could be docked.

Something like, 'Spring came to St Loomis, and as Aleph took the first breath of sweet warmer air, it felt as if maybe everything really would be alright. With renewed hope and vigor, Aleph plans to face the rest of the year and accomplish its goals of making a necklace for itself out of all the port town's finer structures. Aleph is no longer depressed about being rejected by Donna when it asked for seven hundred loaves of bread at the Seaglass Inn.' would be perfectly alright. It doesn't have to be a novel, just meaningful.

Another way to earn experience (and presence!) is by writing in-context posts on the forum. This adds to the world and makes it a dynamic, interesting place for everyone.

For further reading, you might like to look at 'help learn', 'help relationships', or 'help story'. But, we recommend you just jump in and learn by doing!

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