Help Topic: Fight

Category: Combat -- This command takes balance and consciousness, and may have other physical in-character requirements.

[works with custom emote]

Character conflict is encouraged for the sake of interesting narrative. Sometimes
that will require a physical altercation. This will not lead to character death
unless you want it to, so please do not shy away from using the mechanic based
on that concern.

attack <person>

This will simply attack someone. You can adjust your tendency in a fight to cause
yourself to automatically keep fighting as fast as you can. (Read help combat for
more information.)

Remember that Song of Avaria is primarily a game for stories, and you should be
mindful of the story of the fight as well. It's alright to lose, and you don't
need to play in a cutthroat manner. There will be consequences for fights, such
as injuries and legal ramifications, however. These are consequences meant to
add to stories and make them meaningful and sensible.

When fighting, you can also be more specific with the move you'd like to do,
since different moves in combat will have a different impact on the battle
and your state. Your own choices matter a great deal for the outcome. Tactics
and strategies are important as well as pre-preparation, armaments, and skill

punch <person> in the head emote roaring in anger, $me wheels around and
swings a punch towards right towards $person's head.
punch <person>'s stomach
punch <person>

Without specifying, a body part target and emote will be automatically made,
but it's highly recommended that you take the time to write emotes, even if
you don't always perfectly chase your round time. The limitations of the
system will only allow you to fight as hard as makes sense, however.

At any time, you can check "combat moves" to see what moves are available to
you. You can get a detailed look at a specific move, as well.

combat moves
combat move punch

Recommendations: Defend, Block, Grapple, Ranged

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