Help Topic: Fill

Category: Items

You might have an empty cup in hand, staring at a flowing river. Maybe you don't want to
crouch down like a barbarian and slurp straight from cupped hands. Maybe you want to use
your actual cup!

Here's where this command comes in: FILL!

You can also pour into a receptacle from one in your hand, like if you want to be a gracious
host going around serving lemonade from a pitcher to all of your fine lemonade-drinking

fill <container> from <other container/body of liquid such as puddle/sea/river/slush/etc>
pour <container> into <other container / person's container>

Note: FILL can also be used to pack a pipe or cigar-rolling parchment, if you have another
container of powdered herbs.

fill pipe/cigar from <container>

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