Help Topic: Fishing

Category: Skills -- This command cannot be used in combat.

In order to go fishing, you should know at least enough of the fishing skill to
have some fishing abilities. Fish are animals, like any other animal, except
you can pick them up more easily and put them into containers, such as buckets
of water, so that they might survive outside the water. They generally breathe
only in water and require water to continue living.

Different fish live in different environments and are active during different
seasons, and prefer different types of bait.

If you bring up an actual fish, you will be able to get it and put it in
containers, but it's possible to snag different types of creatures as well, and
the behavior of those will be more like other animals.

There are three ways to catch fish. Each way depends on different stats and

You can catch them with your bare hands. This method requires you to be inside
the water, and relies mostly on finesse. It is very difficult to do with heavy
fish, and also takes a lot of patience.

dangle hands

You can catch them by baiting the hook on a fishing pole. You must be adjacent
to a water room that you are casting into with this method, and it relies on
strength, but is also the easiest method to bring in any fish, unless the fish
is very heavy. You can make it easier to catch by using a type of bait that
they like.

bait <pole> with <bait>
cast <direction>

You can catch them by spearing them. With this method you can be inside the
water, or directly next to it. It relies largely on intuition and is the easiest
method for very heavy fish.

watch waters

Once you catch a fish, you can throw it back, or slap it to kill it, unless it
is a very large and formidable sort of fish that you will have to actually fight.

slap <fish>
throw back <fish>

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