Help Topic: Flee

Category: Combat -- This command takes balance and consciousness, and may have other physical in-character requirements.

[works with custom emote]

In order to get away from a fight, you will first need to get away from anyone
near you that is hostile. Then you will need to leave the room. Next you will
have to get out of line of sight from anyone that is trying to attack you.

Using the 'flee' command will help you accomplish that, step-by-step, until
you have left the fight.

If you're not actually running away but even more scared and horrified, you
can also 'freeze'. You're encouraged to use the optional emote capacity of
either command.

flee emote rapidly backs off and tries to run away!

Remember, playing Song of Avaria isn't always about winning, but rather about
telling a compelling story! It's okay to freeze if that's what your character
would do. You can even daydream, if your character is too distracted to pay
attention to an opponent's moves.

Both freezing and daydreaming will negatively impact any of your character's
dice rolls, until your next turn.

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