Help Topic: Follow

Category: Navigation

It can be useful to follow people when moving as a group. Following can
theoretically happen at a distance, and even while stealthed. If someone
tries to sprint or bolt while you're following them, however, and you
are not able to keep up -- they may lose you, even if they don't have
a lot of street smarts.

follow/chase <character>
follow/chase <me/stop>

If someone's following you and you don't want them to, you can lose them. Losing
a person might be more difficult than you think. If you're in the wilderness,
in order to lose someone you'll need to have decent outdoorsmanship. And if you're
in the city, you should have some street smarts. If you're in the water, you'll
have to be good at... you guessed it, swimming.

lose <character>
lose all

Wherever you are, you'll have to be swift!

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