Help Topic: Glance

Category: Observation

A glance is very short look at another person which will only return a
quick overview of their mechanical appearance and things that may have
changed with them, such as whether they're messy, have wounds, or have
set a temporary description.

This can be helpful when you really already know another character well
and you just want to know if there is anything recently changed about
their appearance.

Using glance, unlike look, will broadcast the attempt to the room.

glance <person>

You can also use shortglance, in order not to broadcast the glance.

sglance <person>

Parenthesis will work with this command, so that you can, for example:

> glance aleph (with a snide smirk)

You will see:
You glance at Aleph, with a snide smirk.

And Aleph will see:
Donna glances at you, with a snide smirk.

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