Help Topic: Heal

Category: Combat -- This command cannot be used in combat.

There are many ways in Song of Avaria that someone can get injured, whether
in combat or otherwise. Many injuries are capable of healing on their own.
However, sometimes someone might get hurt in a manner that requires the
ministrations of a healer.

When this happens, it's unwise to leave the injury alone. A broken bone
might heal wrong, and cause permanent handicaps. An infection could end
up killing someone. If a bleeding wound is not stitched, someone could
bleed to death. If you don't have a needle and thread, you can put
pressure on the wound instead, but that's a temporary measure. You can
tie a tourniquet, but that will prevent healing in the long run. You can
cauterize a bleeding wound, but that will leave a scar and possibly
cause someone to faint.

As a healer, both your curatives and tools as well as your skill will
determine the efficacy of treatment. Treating a wound on yourself is
especially risky because it will grant a severe penalty to the efficacy
of the treatment. It's better to find someone else to treat your wounds
if they are serious.

treat <character>'s <body part>
treat <wound> on <character>'s <body part>
stitch <wound> on <character>'s <body part>
cauterize <wound> on <character>'s <body part>
press <character>'s <body part>
tourniquet <character>'s <body part>
splint / relocate <character>'s <body part>
bandage <character>'s <body part>
extricate <object> from <character>
administer water to <character>

These are the extent of healing abilities that anyone can attempt to
do, but someone who is not a skilled healer may just make things worse.
It's good to find a skilled healer if possible, especially since they
may have more abilities for treatment.

You should be holding the curative you want to use. If you don't have
strict curatives, maybe you have something that will work. Putting a
bandage on top of a salve will help treatment last longer, but doesn't
additionally speed curing. Treatment (such as the aforementioned salve)
will speed curing depending on the efficacy of the treatment and the
healer's skill, and it will prevent infections.

You will normally be able to see a character's injuries when you look
at them, but may need to ask them to uncover body parts. If you need
to treat an unconscious character it may be necessary to take off
their clothes. Someone who isn't conscious can't protect their own
belongings, after all... clothes can be put back on with the 'dress'
command though.

However, ethical healers don't go through their patients' things...
do they? (Maybe!)

Another way that healers can be important is as midwives. In order
to become a midwife, one would first need to seek out midwifery training,
and in order to offer their services to someone, start by using the verb
MIDWIFE <person>. If that person consents, only then may you use midwifery
abilities on them.

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