Help Topic: Hunting

Category: Skills -- This command cannot be used in combat.

Hunting, much like fishing or any other profession, is a skill that supports
the earning of an income by either having your own business or selling items to

The skill is the practice of being able to find animals in the wilderness.
Actually taking the lives of those animals is another matter, and depends on
your method of dispatch, but hunting will at least help you find the creatures.

You should also be careful not to overhunt animals in an area, as there are a
limited amount of them for a time period lasting roughly two days.

find gametrail
hunt <gametrail>

Using the 'find gametrail' command will have you begin to look for a gametrail.
Once you discover a gametrail, you can narrow your focus upon it and try to find
the animal who left it. The discovery of that animal means the animal will be out
in the open, and you can chase it with whatever combative or non-combative
methods you wish to implement.

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