Help Topic: Inflict

Category: Roleplay

Sometimes, due to off-screen in-character happenings, you might be hurt
or sick. Using the inflict command will make those storyline occurrences
a mechanical reality.

inflict <bodypart> with <number> <damage type>
afflict <effect> for <duration in hours>

For example:

>> inflict right leg with 80 blunt
>> afflict having an allergic reaction to eating clams for 3

You can't afflict with effects that you can gain in other ways from
interacting with the game world -- this is here so that you can
easily play about everything and healers can tell what is wrong
with you!

If it should be a chronic condition, put 'chronic' instead of an
integer in the syntax.

As for numerical scales, 100 is a small wound whereas 2000 is more

Be careful not to use this command in a way that doesn't make sense or
you could lose Presence. Maybe you got into a bar brawl or fell off a
wagon but it's unlikely that an axe murderer erupted from your commode
and then you bested him in single combat with your pants down and
buried him in the forest before anyone could find the body and that's
why you have a scar on your left buttcheek.

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