Help Topic: Interact

Category: Actions

When you read a room description, it's not just text, but there are objects within
the room that you can interact with. These objects can be approached in a variety
of manners. You can also use these interaction commands to approach other things,
such as objects in the room, to move beside exits, and so on.

Usage: <interact> <position> <object>

Interaction possibilities: sit, stand, lie, crouch, lean, kneel, move, sleep

Position possibilities: on, near, in, under, over, at, to, beside

These commands are important because your location at a place and your position
matters for combat reasons as well as in terms of what you might be able to overhear.

Please treat this command responsibly and don't stand under a chair as a seven foot
tall three hundred pound individual...

Unless the chair is balanced on their head.

Note: If you wish to do an emote alongside an interaction command, you can
replace the message with your own emote!

stand by wall emote goes over and stands next to the wall, folding both
arms with a grouchy pout.

This will work as an emote, but also position you standing next to the wall.

stand emote gets up slowly, using ~cane for aid.

You could replace your regular stand with this, while sitting, and
it would make you standing. You can also just use parenthesis if that

stand (slowly while using ~cane for aid)

Warning: never use roleplay aids such as custom emote replacements to obscure
your position in combat, or otherwise OOCly deceive other players.

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