Help Topic: Job

Category: Character

When you go to shops or workshops or other places in the game, you may see a line
in the room description about the location being a workplace. At a workplace, you
can check 'jobs' in order to see if they are hiring for any positions.

Having a job is the most common source of income in Avaria, and it can also be a
good way to train skills and make connections.

You can do a variety of chores for an employer, but you're not required to do so,
as your pay will be deposited in the local bank regardless. This is because you
are assumed to be doing your job 'off-screen', as it's not meant to mimic realistic

apply (for) <job title from listing>

Checking 'job' will give you details about your job. You have to be in the location
with the job listing in order to request one of the available jobs. If you have a
job already, you cannot get another job. You can resign from your job from anywhere.

If you want to do a chore for your employer, just for fun, you can 'work' in your

Lastly, if you are the owner of a job listing, you can post jobs on it with the 'post'

post <job title>
post <job title>'s openings 5
(To have openings for five workers who will do this job.)
post <job title>'s description This is a job.
post <job title>'s pay 325
(This will pay in coppers.)
post <job title>'s stats strength and willpower
post <job title>'s skills cooking and outdoorsmanship and unarmed
post <job title>'s roll 50
(These are just examples of relevant stats and skills. An applicant will not
be able to get the job without passing a roll involving their highest combination
of those stats and skills. You can set the passing threshold of that roll.)
post <job title> remove
(To remove this job listing.)

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